9.–13. 10. 2024



A ukulele retreat with Peter Moss and George Elmes

To continue our program of ukulele retreats in the wonderful setting of Želiv, we have agreed tuition from more of the ukulele greats, Mr. Peter Moss and Mr. George Elmes.

The program and subject matter are yet to be announced, but you can be sure it will be great fun and enlightening.

"Have you been to a ukulele retreat before? You previously had a blast and ready for more? However, you might skip the next one because you don't want to end up playing the same old material as the last time? That's where myself - Peter Moss and George Elmes -come in and want to bring something new to the table. How about playing Funk and Reggae? Motown and Disco? Rock and Pop? Believe me, we will have lots to keep you busy and entertained with many arrangements having substitute chords from the originals, new strumming techniques, key changes and adding 2-3 part vocal harmony into the mix. This will be like no other retreat you may have attended in the past – even when I was co-presenting. So please, come join us for a week long of ukulele learning but also to have a super fun time in the process. Peter (and George)."

The structure will be the same as previously, Wednesday arrivals and introduction, 3 full days of tuition, play and late night jams finishing with our traditional concert at Želiv on Saturday.

If you want to dress up for the concert or do something special, bring the ideas and any stage items with you.

This retreat will take place in the monastery at Želiv which is about a 1 hour drive from Prague. The venue is perfect for such an event with everything we need on site.

The monastery is an interesting mixture of the original Baroque ecclesiastic buildings with some delightful seccesion elements dating from the beginning of the 20th century, the complex offers accommodation, practice rooms (one with piano), a brewery with restaurant, a pub, and a pleasant garden.

Želiv is a small village placed on an isthmus where the Želivka and Trnava rivers meet. Surrounded by hills and cliffs, there are also great opportunities for walks, indeed, if the weather is good, we will incorporate a ukulele picnic in to the program. As well as the monastery, Želiv also offers a small supermarket and the Hotel Kocanda (10 minutes walk from the Monastery) which has great food and drink, also a hall for events.

The program will be in English.