Sam Brown

The Fabulous Ukulele Club with Sam Brown

After the loss of her singing voice in 2007, Sam Brown (Stop, Jools Holland, Pink Floyd to mention but a few! ) had to find a new way to earn a crust! In 2010,some friends wanted to learn the ukulele, and so she began teaching in her front room!

Interest ballooned, and now,6 years later, there are 7 ukulele clubs, including 2 new clubs run by her brother Pete Brown. There are well over 160 members in total.... All under the umbrella of The Fabulous Ukulele Club.

Sam will be teaching us ensemble play. How to make it interesting

Peter Moss

We all know just how good Peter Moss is from the festival performances. 

He will be teaching us a range of his skills. More detail to follow.