Professor Peter

Professor Peter is a Dutch ukulele player, crooner and multi instrumentalist. He plays and sings songs from the twenties and thirties. Swing, Tin Pan Alley, crooners and dance bands created the sound and image of the Roaring Twenties and Swinging Thirties.

Somewhere during his musical career, Professor Peter heard this music. And it never let go. Professor Peter accompanies the old music on ukulele. Besides the ukulele, Prof Peter uses kazoo, mouth harp and mouth trumpet on stage. The repertoire is entirely in English.The Prof is well known in the ukulele world. Not only in the Netherlands. He played in Germany and Belgium, but also on festivals in England, Ireland, Czech republic and Poland. Professor Peter is an experienced entertainer. Whether it is in Dutch, English, German or French, a relaxed show, with lots of interaction is guaranteed. The Prof has played many living-room concerts, small theatres and large ukulele festivals. A public ready to sit back to watch and listen brings out the best of Prof Peters concerts.

Piotr Konczal

We all know Konczal from the festival where the fantastic PPNUO have entertained us several times.

Here are his own words.

Piotr Kończal - winner of a scholarship for the young artists of the Poznań artistic community in 1995, honored with the title of "Young Poznań Positivist" for cultural and artistic activity; a professional musician for over 25 years, graduate of Poznań Music Academy. Founder of the entertainment orchestra "Young Band", which since 1996 (also as "Górny Orchestra") has been permanently cooperating with Zbigniew Górny - the legend of Polish popular music, conductor, arranger and musician. Since 1994 as a band leader and session musician, he has taken part in hundreds of television productions, including series of programs and concerts led by Zbigniew Górny (Family Song Gala, International Song Gala, and many others). As a session musician he has participated in the recording of several dozens albums and performed thousands of times on Polish and foreign stages. In 2006-2008 he was a co-creator and music director of the "Dubidu" program - the first foreign entertainment format commissioned by Polish Television. Producers of concerts, cultural and mass events, co-founder of the Poznań Artistic Agency, which has implemented and co-organized many local, national and international events, including: the celebration of 50th anniversary of June 1956, subsequent editions of the anniversaries of the Wielkopolska Uprising (including direct cooperation with Oscar winner - Jan A.P. Kaczmarek), 18 editions of the Poznań charity event "Christmas Eve under the Roundabout", New Year's Eve Poznań 2000, cooperation with Malta Festival. Founder and leader of many music formations, including the PPNOU (First Poznań Non-symphonic Ukulele Orchestra) - the most famous Polish ukulele band. Creator and director of the largest free European ukulele festival - Cały Poznań Ukulele (Whole Poznań Ukulele). Charismatic and always full of energy stage performer.