What will the retreat program provide?

We've combined the talents and energy of two favourite personalities form the European ukulele world to help you boost your musicality, technical prowess and performance confidence.

Ukulele Uff (Chris Hough), from the UK, specialises in 1920s/30s jazz age classics, Tin Pan Alley and traditional Hawaiian music. Ukollolo (Lorenzo Vignando) is a ukulele songwriter who uses multimedia to create a big, richly-layered sound.

Chris and Lorenzo have prepared for you a comprehensive five-day programme full of workshops and musical sharing sessions, delivered in a serene monastic setting. The retreat will strengthen your ukulele technique, performance skills and confidence. You will also get an opportunity to refine your listening and ensemble skills, and to co-write the group's own original choral song which we will perform for the local residents in Želiv.

Learn new tricks with a Hawaiian focus.

You will learn new techniques and apply them to two Hawaiian songs - Maui Chimes and Hawaii Blues. Throughout the period we will also cover, play and learn from many other songs from other genres.

Chris´s and Lorenzo´s individual talents and personalities will enable us to improve our all-round playing and performance whether solo or and as part of an ensemble.

The ensemble play will teach us about group dynamics, how to back someone, higher voicing to compliment a lead and we will collaborate while composing a song for public performance on the final evening of the retreat.

Singing - many good ukulele players let themselves down by not wanting to sing while performing. So we will be actively encouraging you to sing as an integral part of your ukulele identity.

Individual play will help us to play self sufficiently and be more confident while singing, performing and expressing ourselves through music. At the same time Lorenzo will give tips on making a good video while performing.

Throughout the program Chris will be showing us how to introduce classic right-hand techniques such as the thumb roll and the split stroke.

The evening and lunchtime pauses will provide plenty of opportunity to learn more from each other in a fun, friendly atmosphere.

Who is it for?

All levels of player are welcome. Even those with the basic knowledge will benefit greatly from this program. And, just as importantly, it will be a great shared experience and wonderful fun.

Find out more

If you have any questions about the program please email me, Ben Anderson on Please remember that space is limited, so best to book early.

And of course - bring your kazoos!