The modest sounding Ukulele Institute of the Czech Republic was founded by me, Ben Anderson as a vehicle to start a formal "do it yourself" music education program centered but not exclusively around the ukulele.

As an amateur musician I wish to learn along with you, I am enthusiastic about playing music on the ukulele and I am always thankful for the assistance members of the ukulele community give to myself and other players of all levels.

The instrument is a great leveler and seems to filter out the arrogant, rude and selfish. Whether it is that nice people choose to play the ukulele or that playing the ukulele makes people nice, I just do not know.

I have been an active ukulele player since 2012 and play in P.U.B. (Prague Ukulele Band), I also started the Czech Ukulele Festival in 2013, and also run the biggest ukulele shop in the region.


Last weekend of JULY - Every Year

The festival started in 2013 and has now had 5 editions. The festival is a 3 day event, the 1st day takes the form of a day trip to another town, in 2018 it will be in the medieval town of Kutná Hora, the Saturday and Sunday are two full days of workshops and concerts in the grounds of the Únětice brewery just ouside of the Northern Prague border.

This is a list of some of those who have played at the Czech Ukulele Festival.

James Hill, Manitoba Hill, Taímane Gardiner, Aldrine Guererro, Jody Kamisoto, Honoko & Azita, Gabriela la foley, Andy Eastwood, Ukulele Uff, Ukulollo, Ukulelezaza, Yan Yalega, Paul Moore, Ken Middleton, Ukule Swing band, Prague Ukulele Band, Ukulele Troublemakers, PPNUO, Iva Pazerková, Marcel Brožová, René Souček, Joao tostes & Diogo Fernandes, Kimo Hussey, David Chen, Dead Mans Uke, D´Ukes, Bad Mouse Orchestra, Coconami. Michal Adcock, Ukelites, ŽS Jary Cimermana, U-Kuže, Ukulele Boys, Tobias & Elof, Ukulele Orchestra Jako Brno, Chiemsee Ukulele Ensemble, Regensberg ukuleles, Chonkinfeckle, Štastné Ukulele, Unetice Aloha Band, UfUf, Uket, Francesco Albertazzi, Spirit Runners, UkeBox.

We would like our friends at Aquila Corde for their support with promoting this program.